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We are a family-owned business!

Kiel Chenier
Owner, Writer, Editor, Blogger, Customer Service

The Family Cleric

Short Bio: Kiel has been working in the world of tabletop games since 2016, with multiple published works under his belt. He writes for the GameJoy blog, here on Birch + Bat, and writes the majority of the PDFs we have available. Always has a new game concept he's telling the rest of the family, but never has enough time to actually run all of these ideas while still being able to find time to live.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Drawing maps, making new characters, running online games, Curse of Strahd, and doing voices as a game master.

Favorite Character Played: Rose Royce, half-elf noble who moonlights as a rogue.

Favorite Gaming Snacks: Tortilla chips and salsa


Gregory Prest
Assistant, Shipping, Social Media, Customer Service

The Family Bladeslinger

Short Bio: Greg is the Warhammer expert of the family, with many display cases full of models he's making custom, or armies that he's in the process of painting. Such a life is difficult in a small apartment containing two cats that want to get into everything. He helps with putting together our product packaging, carrying huge boxes full of merch around (he's the strongest, the rest of us are very weak), and goes on snack runs for the family when we're running low on the will to live on.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Designing worlds, converting miniatures/painting, 3E's Stormwrack module, Miniature Skirmish games, and creative open-ended worlds that are a little dark.

Favorite Character Played: Madislak the Magnificent, a human monk later turned goliath.

Favorite Gaming Snacks: Chips, or small marble cake slices from the local grocery's bakery.


Arella Chenier-Prest
Designer, Project Manager, Blogger, Social Media, Customer Service

The Family Bard

Short Bio: Arella writes for The Bardic Chef here on Birch + Bat, and is also the artist for the majority of the merch offered. She uses a mouse to draw in order to get around her disability, and learned how to code the website from a youth filled with making Neopets userlookups. She can quote most Ravenloft lore from memory, and is the biggest reason why our "Vampire Apologist" mug exists.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Making playlists for each character/game, cooking food for other players, romancing stubborn NPCs, and playing board games.

Favorite Character Played: Prianna Rein, half-Vistani bard that thrives in Barovia.

Favorite Gaming Snacks: Nachos, or sharing a simple pepperoni pizza.


Overseer, Chief Food Chomper, Queen of Sits

The Family Druid

Short Bio: Delilah was discovered in a field outside of Greg's workplace when she was just a kitten, and became a permanent member of the household not long after. She is now seven years old, and wants to be a part of everything in the business, from order packing to sitting in on calls or family meetings. Her favorite place to sleep is on Greg's bed, or the very top of her cat tree, and she has a rivalry with the local magpie (nicknamed "King Magpie" for his magnificent tail) that likes to swoop the window she sits in.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Sitting on character sheets, sitting on maps, bopping miniatures with her paw, and chomping on the swords of Warhammer miniatures while her family rushes over to stop her.

Favorite Gaming Snacks: Wild West-flavored cat treats, the water that comes out of tuna fish cans, and shredded cheese.


Future Olympic Runner for Team Canada, Wild Child, Living Cinnamon Roll

The Family Rogue

Short Bio: Matilda was adopted from the local Humane Society during quarantine 2020, and has beautiful blue eyes and a caramel stripe on her tail that helps her get away with anything. She is our least effective employee, preferring wrestles, tackles, and bunny-kicks to actual work. Much of her time is spent whining at Kiel for pets, or chasing her sister.

Favorite Tabletop Things: The Chaotic Alignment, pretending she knows the Dash skill, and knocking over every book or game screen in sight.

Favorite Gaming Snacks: Stolen meats from a human's sandwich, stolen pasta from a human's pasta bowl, whatever her sister is eating.

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