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Our printer is slowly getting back to normal, but still putting employee safety first with social distancing, which means fulfillment times for certain things are still much slower than usual. While they've made HUGE strides in bringing things back to normal, some things are still slower, and have been removed from our storefront until they're at acceptable levels again.

Mugs and phone cases have normal fulfillment times again, of 2 - 5 business days! Stickers were moving too slowly, and have been removed for the meantime.

We will not be offering embroidery, bags, or shirts until those numbers are back to normal for them too. Right now it's taking up to 25 business days for them to complete a fashion order, so we've removed them completely. If you need fashion items, we highly recommend our Redbubble, where they're still available.

Thank you for your patience. Be safe!

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