Cats + Cartography is a series where I post a map I've made along with a picture of one of our cats.

Last week I released a new free PDF called Into The Feywild. It's a 26 page setting and adventure that lets players explore the verdant wonders of the faerie realm, home to the archfey of the summer court. You can download it for free in our store!

The adventure contains a map of the massive maze-like city of Hedgegrove, and I wanted to show off how this map came to be.

I made the original map for a similar PDF back in 2016. Originally it was just a mock up I made in an afternoon in Photoshop to use as reference. The quality ended up being good enough for the original publisher to use it in the final PDF.

I like the style of the map a lot, but it definitely looks like a map I made four years ago. The lines are too jagged, the shading is too harsh, and overall it looks a little amateur.

So I remade it with much more attention to detail. Here's the result!

I'm a lot happier with this new map, and it's a lot of fun to explore in.

If you're curious about it or Feywild adventuring, be sure to download a free copy of Into The Feywild from our store. Link below.

Here's a cute picture of our cat Matilda. This kitten is getting so big!